There are already a number of reported incidents where a many internet users get addicted to computer games. One very distinct incident was during the angry birds time. That is right, during that phenomenal computer game, a lot of people have been stressed like there are even those who threw their mobile phones after failing to level up a number of times. Yes, it was during that time that many people get addicted with computer games. Until now though, there are still many people, especially teens who are addicted with computer games and even kids at that.

We can’t blame them though as some computer games are really addictive like for example the Jogos Friv games, they might be with simple mechanics just like the angry birds then, but they are also quite addictive like once you start playing any of the hundreds of games in friv games, you don’t want to stop. You just like to continue playing until you reach the end.


But what are the factors that can make a person addicted to a certain game? If you are curious as well, check this out:

  • When the game has no end actually like it just goes on and on and it is just with simple mechanics like it is not impossible to level up. It is that feeling that you only did not do the right things like your timing in clicking the mouse is just off. It means you can still do better and can still level up.
  • When the game inspire social connections. Yes, this is now common with most of the computer games. The player is encouraged to add friends or to request something from a friend so that leveling up will be easier.


  • When every time one levels up, there is a reward. Yes, this is another factor that can make a person more motivated in going further with the game as he knows that there is a reward every time he does.
  • Another factor why a computer game is quite addictive is when the rewards can generate power like power to level up easily or power to enhance the aesthetics of the home of the player or to easily beat the opponent and so on. Mechanics like these are present in friv games. Though it is not a good thing to get addicted as well, but as long as you know how to control yourself, you should check out friv games.
  • They don’t realize that one can get addicted with computer games as well. They just thought that it is okay to be smitten in computer games as they are harmless no matter if you are in it the entire day.


So, if you happen to be in this situation, you should mellow down. Of course it is still okay to be smitten with computer games as long as you don’t overdo it. You must not neglect your other responsibilities just to play your favorite friv games.