Inspect your website and set some definite goals

Check the performance of your website, check if it needs any improvement, check if it loads faster and you are using the latest features. Check your monthly visitor count, bounce rate, and the number of leads. Determine your best performing keywords, and if they are working fine, you’re your sales too. When you get acquainted with the metrics, you see where you need to improve and then create a redesign plan.

Set your budget

Planning your budget in advance always comes in handy. Firstly, if you to spend as little as possible, you may end up with something that wouldn’t suit your needs, and you may feel discontented as well. No matter even if it is a slight refresh or a complete overhaul, you need to be pragmatic when considering these costs. But it can be hard to determine how much you will have to pay eventually, as the budget may tend to vary based on your needs and goals to your web design Singapore team fees.

Check your content

Review the content you have on your website. Content is still deemed the king when it comes to search engine rankings and must never be underestimated when redesigning your website. Let the team inspect your current pages that have the most traffic, most searched keywords, inbound links etc. Your high quality content stays, and bad ones will be deleted. The former is always a must for the website redesign.