Hacking is a serious cyber offense that has taken many companies off guard. Almost every year, a lot of companies have to carry heavy monetary losses and data breach caused by hackers. It also brings to question the safety of customers since unethical hackers can misuse personal information via the hacked system and use it to steal money and other details as well. And hacking is as much a serious threat for employees as it is for the company and customers. So, if you too are fishing out for ways on how to secure your company from internal threats and hacking, you must take into consideration using the security cameras like the ones given below.

  • PTZ Cameras – PTZ surveillance cameras can be used for indoor monitoring of larger firms since the camera can tilt and pan to cover a vast area. Besides, you can also zoom in to closely watch a specific person. Last, PTZ cameras prove to be quite economical for a larger space like a mall because 1 single camera can cover a large area
  • IP Cameras – IP cameras, both wired and wireless, store compressed high-resolution feed in the dvr system. Whilst wired ones stand a perfect guard to monitor a small place, wireless ones can be used for larger companies
  • Thermal Cameras – Thermal cameras are specifically built to capture feed at night by making use of temperature difference. Which is why, these cameras can be used to guard outer premises. Also, they have a strong body that can withstand harsh weather conditions and still record the feed in a high resolution
  • Dome Cameras – Indoor dome cameras should be your choice if you’re a small company wanting to cover the unmonitored corners. Besides, they are budget-friendly too
  • 360° Rotation Cameras – Ideal for guarding indoors, the technologically advanced 360° rotation cameras, equipped with CCD technology, capture crystal clear images and videos. Besides, despite their cost, they are economical because it’s just 1 camera that you’ll need to guard a big area from all directions

How To Protect Security Cameras From Hacking?

Security cameras can guard your company from burglars and hackers if you guard the dvr since it can give unwanted access to hackers. Therefore, follow the steps given below to ensure your company is not subjected to cyber crime or data theft.

  • Always ensure that the backdoor password of the internal security system is changed from default to something very strong – preferably coded by professionals
  • Use the anti-phishing services by tools like antivirus and firewall to keep the system clean from virus and malware