Android is busy conquering the mobile database integration market and you will find a large number of companies who’ve managed to move on to mobile database integration by landing track of Android application development projects. Since Android is definitely an free platform, the recognition keeps growing continuously and you will find many mobile application developers who are attempting to get the best utilisation of the mobile platform. Since the majority of the startups in the area of mobile application development depend on free application development tools and technologies, it is simple to allow them to occupy Android-based development projects for meeting customers’ demands.

Mobile developers who create Android apps depend on Java language mainly although the Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A) can be used consistently for writing applications in Python, Perl along with other environments. Using the recent developments within the platform with Android 2.3 and Android 4., the developers acquired an chance to begin growth and development of apps in Android because the latest versions support Flash and Adobe AIR technologies.

Android SDK is supplied to developers for that application development process combined with the atmosphere for writing, testing and debugging mobile phone applications.

The Eclipse IDE is useful for an easy and quick Android database integration process. It’s possible to personalize it while using Android Development Tools WordPress plugin which thus works well for improving the quantity and quality of Android mobile apps.

Android Emulator helps to ensure that the testing and debugging process using Android device-emulators is completed easily which will help developers to produce an atmosphere which simulates the characteristics from the OS along with the cellular devices.

Android application developers make use of the Android framework APIs and make the most of an array of C/C   libraries. The libraries include System C library, SQlite, SGL graphics engine, 3D libraries and a few others technologies.

Mobile application developers who work Android application development sell business mobile solutions within the Android Market as well as advertise it using a website. Android Companies are essentially a credit card applicatoin store that was launched by Google for Android-based apps distribution. The apps are produced and written by developers worldwide and also the store now boasts in excess of 200,000 Android apps which prove that it’s second towards the iOS and it is fast making up ground in recognition.