The UPS5000 is the double-conversion UPS that offer reliable options over other. This UPS can be utilized by enterprises for its high reliability, high power density, high efficiency, etc. Huawei UPS5000 features digital control technology that offers excellent output in harsh work environments. In addition to this, Huawei UPS5000 is also supplying uninterruptable power to large as well as medium-sized data centers.

The auxiliary power supply features redundancy design, so it always works well so you no need to worry when the auxiliary power supply and fan getting a fault. In addition to this, the flexible installation ultimately reduces installation space. The UPS5000 has great output power factor which is one so it highly reduces customer investments.

The UPS5000 is the tower-mounted UPS, and this UPS uses the digital signal processing technology that brings impressive features. Of course, it is highly reliable, as well as a superior option over others. The Huawei UPS5000 offers economical benefits, more importantly, it is one of the most intelligent, and convenient solutions for any kind of business because this UPS supplies high-quality AC power to

  • Small as well as medium-sized data centers
  • Server rooms
  • Local area networks (LANs)
  • Communications equipment rooms
  • Telecom and Internet switch rooms
  • Equipment rooms of branch offices
  • Infrastructures including control equipment rooms, houses, offices, etc

Benefits Of Huawei UPS5000

Huawei UPS5000 is ideal for experiencing efficient, reliable and world-class power supplies.

  • High adaptability
  • High Stability and Reliability
  • Easy to install
  • High efficiency
  • Medium-power UPS
  • Supports for intelligent network management

The UPS5000 is highly suitable for different power systems in various indoor scenarios that also include communications centers, small to medium-sized data centers, equipment rooms, equipment rooms of financial systems, scheduling centers, industrial automated equipment and much more. UPS5000 adapts to a wide variety of loads, and it is highly useful in different environments.


UPS5000 highly used for robust applications, it is 96% efficient at the same time it will reduce more than fifty percentages of energy costs, so it is highly effective than any UPS unit. It is the medium-power UPS, and this model requires less space, so it is highly convertible. On the other hand, the rack-and-tower installation method eliminates all the complications. So the UPS only needs 0.5m2 – 2m2 installation space. Apart from that, the UPS5000 works well in the different environment, as well as it provides countless benefits with intelligent network management.

The UPS5000 is highly recommended for weak power grids because this UPS supports a wide range of input voltages. At the same time, the advanced technology also gives protection, higher than the industry level, so it is beneficial over any other UPS.Learn more about this product in the documentation of UPS5000.

The high inverter overload capability eliminates all the complications. Even the total distortion of the input current waveform is always less this factor will significantly reduce the pollution on power grids so you no need to experience any difficulties. Apart from that, the flexible battery configuration ensures your comfort level in the different working environment.