When you decide to explore a market, it’s important that you look for everything that can help you dominate it. Nothing changes when you decide to explore the e-commerce market in Singapore. As you inch closer towards launching your store or taking it to the next level, have a close eye ion all the top Google shopping queries in 2019. Doing so will give you a fair idea of what people (interested in online shopping) searched for in Singapore and how you can include those queries on your website to improve your search rankings.

There can be dozens of such queries that were searched for tens of thousands of times. By including them in the content that you post on your website, there is a major chance of you showing up on top of search results for those queries. Some of the most famous search queries form this year include Adidas, Amazon, Ikea, Qoo, Google, YouTube, etc. Look for more such queries and find out a way to include them in your store as soon as possible to show up in SERPs whenever users search for them in the future.