From changing the channel on our televisions to powering our emergency flashlights, we have come to see batteries as a basic for just about any gadget we own. When many American households first became familiar with batteries, they were the old fashion kind that are based in early metal technologies. But today we have a new generation of batteries that use lithium as a base, such as those you will find from Lithonia Battery.

As this new type of battery becomes widespread, we see that they have, like the technology they power, becomes a better solution. So why should you continue with your old fashion nickel-plated batteries? Here are a few good reasons to consider switching over to lithium batteries in all your household gadgets.

Lithium Batteries are Greener

Have you ever opened up an old flashlight and found the batteries were a mess of old rusty and decaying metal? That is what those batteries look like over time, and this mess is messing with the soil when we get rid of them.

One of the biggest reasons to switch over to lithium batteries is that they don’t deteriorate into that unholy mess at the end of their lives. Also- we have figured out some pretty nifty ways to recycle them, so be sure you bring all your batteries to a recycle station when you are done with them.

Safety with Lithium Batteries

While we don’t hear of it as much as we used to, old fashion batteries were more prone to creating fires when they overheated. With the new lithium batteries we don’t have that problem, making them a far safer option.

This is especially important if you are using those batteries to power your kid’s toys. Having a child’s favorite new toy explode in their hands can be a life changing experience, so why take that risk?

Recharge and Power

Of course, one of the biggest reasons that auto manufacturers have been switching over to lithium batteries is that they recharge faster and more fully. This makes them the perfect battery for your auto.

This is especially true on those cold winter mornings when you want that battery up and running quickly. With our household gadgets it means that we get longer life from our batteries and when we recharge them they stay charged longer.

Changing from Lead Batteries

As you can see, in only a few steps we have shown you that lithium batteries are the wave of the future when it comes to creating power for everything from the batteries in our cars to our latest new gadgets for the house.

As more and more of what we use requires some form of battery to bring it power, the logic of a lithium battery with its safety record, longer life and rechargeable utility makes it the perfect choice. Our modern lives use more and more power, and by using the stored power of a battery we can light up the world and our lives with greater ease. The lithium battery is here to stay in today’s modern life.